Welcome to ART Class 4/26/21

Welcome to ART Class 

4/26- 4/28

Grade N-K

Grade 1-4

Theme : FOOD in ART


Wayne Thiebaud Is Not a Pop Artist | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine

Cakes by artist Wayne Thiebaud (b.1920)

Wayne Thiebaud | Pie Counter | Whitney Museum of American Art

Wayne Thiebaud: Cake Boxed Notecard Assortment


Let’s Draw Cake!

Wayne Thiebaud Lesson: Cakes! Visual Art and MathHow to Draw a Cake · Art Projects for Kids | Art handouts, Elementary art projects, Kids art projects


Cakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

Kids Art Project - Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Food Still Life - YouTube

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All about artist Wayne Thiebaud



How to draw a piece of cake