Mission Statement

The mission of St. Patrick Catholic Academy is to lead by example as Christ did when teaching, learning and serving.

We believe that

  • Our children are our greatest treasures and their spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical wellbeing is our utmost concern
  • Each child possesses a unique ability to excel and succeed
  • Each child has the right to feel safe, accepted and valued
  • Each child should be given the opportunity to develop his or her talents and abilities in a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Each child’s individual learning style should be recognized and addressed
  • Each child should experience the satisfaction of hard work and perseverance
  • All children should respect themselves and others
  • All children should take responsibility for their actions
  • All children should demonstrate the values of charity, kindness and courtesy
  • Our students should learn to integrate and apply knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner
  • Our students should possess an awareness of the great benefits of our technological world as well as the responsibility to employ these tools ethically
  • Our students should possess an appreciation of the arts and be provided with the opportunity to develop and express their God given creative talents
  • Administration, faculty and parents will work in partnership to affirm that Christ is the reason for St. Patrick Catholic Academy. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes. He is the model for its faculty and the inspiration of its students.