Kindergarten Homework

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December 2nd

Math- pages 277 and 278 (Please return cubes tomorrow and please be careful with them I do not have any extra.)

Spelling Test tomorrow for the words: the, it, at, to , and 

December 1st

Superkids- page 43

Math- pages 271 and 272

November 30th

Math- pages 265 and 266

Superkids- page 42

Spelling Test Thursday!

November 23rd

Superkids- page 41

Math- pages 253 and 254

November 19th

Math- pages 241 and 242

Superkids- page 38 

Spelling Test Thursday, December 4th

November 18th

Superkids- page 37

Math- pages 235 and 236

Spelling Test Thursday, December 4th






November 17th

Superkids- page 36

November 16th

Math-Practice Test pages 223 to 226 (Math Test Tomorrow).

Superkids- page 35

November 12th

Math- pages 215 and 216

Chapter 4 math test Tuesday, November 17th 

November 10th

Superkids- page 34 (please color in the whole square for the pictures that begin with /s/ to form the letter S.)

Math- pages 209 and 210

November 9th

Math- pages 203 and 204
Superkids- page 32

November 5th

Superkids- page 31

Math- pages 197 and 198

November 4th

Superkids- page 29

Math= pages 191 and 192

November 3rd

Math- pages 185 and 186

November 2nd

Superkids- page 30
(Pictures are: apple, glasses, cake, octopus, dog, drum, gloves, ants, clown, garbage, otter, and dishes.)

 October 29th

Math- pages 173 to 176 (Due Monday)

**Math test Monday**

October 28th

Superkids- page 28

Math- pages 171 and 172

Sight Words: 


October 27th

Superkids- pages 25 and 26
Math- pages 165 and 166

October 26th

Superkids- page 23 (The children do not need to cut. They can just color in the pictures that have /a/ in the middle.)

Math- Pages 159 and 160
(Math Test Monday, November 2nd)

October  21st

Math- pages 147 and 148

October 20th

Superkids- page 22

Math- pages 141 and 142

October 19th

Math-pages 135 and 136
Superkids- page 21

October 15th

No Homework

October 14th

Superkids- page 18

October 13th

Math- pages 123 and 124

Superkids- page 17

October 8th

Superkids- page 16

Math- Finish practice test

October 7th

Math- Practice Test page 111 and 114 (Due Friday)

October 6th

Superkids- page 15
Math- pages 103 and 104

October 5th

Superkids – page 13
Math- pages 97 and 98

October 2nd

New Sight Words





**Math Chapter 2 Test… Compare Numbers to 5 (Greater Than, Same as, and Less Than**

October 1st

Math- pages 85 to 86

Superkids- page 12

September 29th

Math- Study for test tomorrow.

Superkids- page 11

**Due Monday, October 5th have your child create an odd animal just like Oswald likes to make. You can use any materials you like and please have your child name their odd animal and write about one thing that makes it odd.**

September 28th

Superkids- page 10

Math-pages 73 to 76 (Due Wednesday)

September 24th

Superkids- page 9

Math- pages 65 and 66. Please study for the math test on Wednesday.

September 23rd

Superkids- page 7

Math- pages 59 and 60

**Math Test Next Wednesday**

September 22nd

Superkids- page 6

Math- 53 and 54

**Please return all forms by tomorrow if you have not done so already!**

September 21st

Math- pages 47 and 48

Writing- Cc worksheet (in folder).

September 17th

Superkids- pages 4 (The children can circle or color in the pictures that begin with /k/.)

Math- pages 35 and 36

September 16th

Superkids- page 3 (the children do not need to cut and paste.)

Math- pages 29 and 30

September 15th

Math- pages 23 and 24

Writing- On the ice cream paper in your child’s folder please have them practice writing their name.

September 14th

Superkids- page 2

Math- pages 17 and 18

**Please bring in a notebook for art class*

September 11th

Sight Words (Please practice them with your child!)

  • I
  • a
  • the
  • it
  • is
  • to