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You can start the high school admissions process by visiting high school websites for information about admissions, registering for scholarship tests, and meeting application deadlines.

TACHS PREP classes are once again being offered.  Register your child by calling the school office at (718) 833-0124.  Payment can be made via the school website.  I will also once again be holding individual high school parent meetings, so save your questions and sign up for a meeting via the link below:


Keep a calendar of important dates/deadlines & schedule an appointment for an individual meeting.

You can contact me at gkeenan@stpatrickca.org with any questions.

Mrs. G. Keenan

Catholic High School Calendar

  • The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) will be administered on Saturday, November 3rd.  The deadline for internet and telephone registration for the TACHS is October 15th.  Visit www.tachsinfo.com to register your child to take the test.
  • Please refer to the TACHS Student Handbook for information about the test itself, how to register your child to take the test, high school fairs, practice test questions, extended testing time, admit cards, and applicant records.  The handbook includes information and details on Catholic High Schools in the five boroughs and Westchester/Upstate. 
  • Regis, Marymount, Convent of the Sacred Heart and Loyola, although Catholic Schools, require separate application procedures.  Let me know if your son/daughter wishes to be nominated!  The deadline to apply for admission to Convent of the Sacred Heart is Fri., Oct. 5th.  The deadline to apply for admission to Marymount is Fri., Oct. 5th.  The deadline to apply for admission to Regis is Fri., Oct. 19th.  Visit Loyola’s website for more information about their admissions requirements.
  • The Convent of the Sacred Heart Scholarship Test will be administered on Sat., Oct. 13th.  The Marymount Butler Scholarship Test will be administered on Sat., Oct. 27th.  The Regis Scholarship Test will be administered on Sat., Nov. 3rd.
  • Attend Open-Houses and ask about admission, applications, scholarships, honors classes, guidance and resource programs that may benefit your child in high school, college prep & advanced placement courses, financial aid, sports and activities.
  • The deadline for submitting request and supporting documentation for an extended testing time accommodation on the TACHS is October 5th.  Complete the form in the TACHS Student Handbook, and submit it to me with current documentation by Mon., Oct. 1st.
  • Attend the High School Fair being held in the Aldo Bruschi Auditorium at St. Patrick Catholic Academy on Wednesday, October 3rd.
  • TACHS Admit Cards will be distributed directly to the students during the week of October 22nd.  Your child will present this card on the day of the TACHS.
  • Email me any links to complete and submit teacher recommendations, if necessary.
  • Email me any transcript requests, if necessary.
  • Register your child for scholarship tests, if applicable.  (Registrations can be submitted online.)  If a high school requests sixth and seventh grade report cards prior to sitting for a scholarship exam, it is the parent’s responsibility to download and scan the documents as per the application process.  The student’s applicant record will be sent in December by Mrs. Keenan and Ms. Curatolo.
  • Complete applications for admission, if necessary.  (Applications can be submitted online.)
  • TACHS Applicant Records will be submitted to your child’s three Catholic High School choices by Mrs. Keenan and Ms. Curatolo by December 13th.
  • Release of Catholic High School admissions notices will start on January 16th.  Letters, emails, and/or phone calls will be sent directly to you from each high school.
  • A TACHS Home Report will be distributed directly to the students in January.
  • Response cards and registration fees/forms are due back to the high schools usually in early February.

Private High School Calendar

  • Attend Private High School Open-Houses for more information about the admissions procedures for each school.
  • Establish a Ravenna Account, if necessary.
  • Register to take one of the following tests:  ISEE (Independent Schools Entrance Exam), SSAT (Secondary Schools Admissions Test), HSPT (High School Placement Test), if necessary.
  • Schedule an interview, if necessary.

Public High School Calendar

Refer to the 2019 New York City High School Directory and read each school’s directory page for information and details.  (This directory was distributed to the students in June for review over the summer months.)

There are nine Specialized Public High Schools in New York City. Eight of these schools require students to register and take an exam – the SHSAT – Specialized High Schools Admissions Test – for admission.  These are High School of American Studies at Lehman College, The Bronx High School of Science, The Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Technical High School, High School for Math Science and Engineering at City College of New York, Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, Staten Island Technical High School, and Stuyvesant High School.  LaGuardia High School of Music & Arts & Performing Arts requires students to register and audition for any of six studios – dance, drama, fine art, instrumental music, technical theater, and vocal music.  Refer to the Specialized High School Student Handbook for information about these schools.  (This handbook was distributed to the students in June for review over the summer months.)  The handbook also contains practice test questions for the SHSAT.

There are two rounds in the Public High School Admissions Process.  In Round 1, you will list twelve programs that interest you the most.  Everyone receives an offer in Round 1, however, you may participate in Round 2.  In Round 2, you can apply to programs that have availability.  Round 2 offers would replace Round 1 offers.  At the end of Round 2, you can appeal your offer if you have documentation to support a hardship reason.

A select group of schools have programs that offer audition components in visual arts, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, drama, theater arts, performing arts, and film.  Refer to the directory for audition dates and times.

  • Attend Information Sessions for information about a school’s admissions policies.
  • In September, MySchools opens to begin entering registration for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) and/or LaGuardia High School Auditions as well as   “Expression of Interest” for screened programs that require an assessment, and audition programs.  Non-public schools will add students manually into MySchools to create an Account Creation Code, Student ID (OSIS), and Invitation Letter.
  • Attend the Citywide Public High School Fair on September 22nd-23rd.
  • The students went home on Tues., Oct. 9th with a blank template to fill in their twelve public high school choices.  This ‘application’ needs to be returned prior to Thanksgiving vacation.
  • October 11th:  Deadline to complete registration for the SHSAT and LaGuardia High School auditions in MySchools.
  • Attend the Borough Public High School Fair on October 13th-14th.
  • On October 17th, SHSAT Test Tickets and LaGuardia High School Audition Tickets can be printed from MySchools.  Your child will present this ticket on the day of the SHSAT or LaGuardia audition.
  • October 20th-21st: 8th Grade SHSAT testing
  • Audition dates for LaGuardia for students attending an elementary school in Brooklyn are October 27th-28th.
  • October 31st:  Make-up test requests and required documentation submission deadline.
  • November 3rd:  SHSAT for students who are English Language Learners, or students with disabilities who have Individualized Education Plans or 504 Plans.  Students requiring make-up tests will test on this day or November 18th.
  • Be proactive in attending public high school interviews, assessments, and auditions.
  • Ms. Curatolo and Mrs. Keenan will enter students’ seventh grade academic transcripts into MySchools.
  • Round 1 Public High School Applications due in MySchools on December 3rd.
  • January 3rd:  This is the last day to edit choices and make changes on the application in MySchools.
  • March:  Round 1 results letters can be viewed/printed in MySchools.  Deadline to enter Round 1 responses (accept or opt out) in MySchools.
  • March:  Round 2 application period opens for students who are interested in applying to programs with availability after Round 1.  Deadline to enter Round 2 application choices in MySchools.
  • May:  Round 2 result letters can be viewed/printed in MySchools.  Appeal forms will be distributed, if applicable.  Schools will enter Appeal requests into MySchools. 
  • June:  Appeal result letters can be viewed/printed in MySchools.



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St. Patrick Catholic Academy hosts first ever Bay Ridge High School Fair

Posted on October 27, 2017

On October 11, St. Patrick Catholic Academy hosted the first ever Bay Ridge High School Fair, in which over 20 Catholic and private schools participated. Admissions representatives from each school, as well as distinguished alumni of our school, provided invaluable information to our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, as well as middle school students from the surrounding community. The high school application process can appear daunting, and this was one way in which St. Patrick’s could alleviate some of that stress for our families.

Participating schools included: Bay Ridge Prep, Bishop Kearney, Brooklyn Friends School, Cristo Rey, Fontbonne, LaSalle, Loyola, Moore Catholic, Msgr. Farrell, Nazareth, Notre Dame School of Manhattan, Poly Prep, Regis, Saint Saviour, St. Edmund, St. John Villa, St. Joseph High School, St. Joseph by the Sea, St. Joseph Hill, St. Peter’s Boys High School, United Nations International School, Xaverian and Xavier.

Check out photos from our first Bay Ridge High School Fair!

Spring 2018 TACHS Prep!

Posted on October 15, 2017

TACHS is a rigorous, comprehensive examination for 8th Grade students interested in attending a Catholic high school.

St. Patrick offers 10-session after school prep courses to build reading, math and general reasoning skills to prepare for the TACHS test.

Classes are open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in all schools.  Fee: $300 includes a review book. Advance registration and payment in full is required.

Registration open for Spring and Fall 2018 TACHS Prep Classes. Click here for dates and info

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