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The students in grades 6,7, and 8 have participated in an Academic Competition for students across the US, entitled 2019 SCIENCE WORLD CHAMPIONS, which consisted of an online quiz. Students who have qualified to advance on to the next qualifier will be notified at the end of January.

 The students will be using : 6th Grade class code is V4VLUG – 7th Grade class code is Z3G34H – 8th Grade class code is AJM2N3. MOST ASSIGNMENTS will be completed IN CLASS and will count as a classwork grade.


The 6th Graders will be working on Solutes and Solubility. This Core Experience Learning Lab gives students the opportunity to investigate differences in the solubility of several different chemical compounds by dissolving the solid solutes in a liquid solvent, water. Students will e given the opportunity to explore the concept that solubility is a property that is specific to each different solute.  Students will explore how physical agitation and elevated temperature increase the rate of solubility.

The 7th Grade Living Environment class is exploring LIVING THINGS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT including organization of the environment and human interactions and the environment. This chapter coincides with NYS Standard 4, Key Idea 1, Performance Indicators 1.1a – 1.1f and Performance Indicators 6.1a-6.1g , 6.2a,6.3a-c; 7.1a-c, 7.2a-c, 7.3a-b. Please KEEP all returned tests and quizzes in a folder for future reference. 

The 8th Graders are currently reviewing for Living Environment Regents Exam – Tuesday, January 22nd @ 1:15 


Girl PowerReading Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – PLEASE BRING IN A TOWEL (MAGIC CARPET) 

4th & 5th Enrichment – National Science Challenge (online)  

6th, 7th, 8th Enrichment – Egg Drop Challenge –  Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 @ 1:30PM



Use the following links for Science Trivia practice. The STEM Olympics are in January!

6th Grade – test – Thursday, January 24th, 2019 – Solutes and Solubility – use the pretest to study

7th – review notes taken in class

8th – review for NYS Living Environment Regents – use the following links:









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