Early Childhood

Nursery, PreK and Kindergarten

In the Early Childhood program students explore, discover, imagine and learn in nurturing spaces under the watchful eyes of caring, experienced teachers.

The Nursery class for children who are 3-years-old by December 31st offers a 3 Half-Day, 5 Half-Day, 3 Full -Day or 5 Full-Day options. PreKindergarten is a 5 Full-Day class for children who are 4-years-old by December 31st. Early Morning/Extended Day available for Early Childhood students.

Curriculum is age and developmentally appropriate. Classrooms use centers-based learning areas for individual or small group activities and projects.

Hands-on learning activities build fine and gross motor development, communication skills, social-emotional development and beginning language and literacy skills. In Kindergarten special emphasis is giving to phonics, writing and reading using the Superkids reading series.

Nursery, PreK and Kindergarten students study Italian. PreK and Kindergarten students take classes in art, language, physical education, and music and library.  Students in Kindergarten take hands-on discovery science classes in a newly created laboratory space using the LabLearner program, which provides a 100% research-based, hands-on system of STEM learning and real-world applications of science concepts. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Students participate in field trips and special activities to enrich learning and expose students to diverse experiences. Field trips might include visits to a local business, police or fire department, museums, plays, and movies, etc. During the Christmas season, our youngest students sing and dance for family and friends at a special Breakfast with Santa.

Early Childhood students spend time in the library. Centered around reading areas with comfortable seating, the library is a reading oasis. An area is dedicated to Early Childhood books. Its shelves hold picture books and books and materials for all ages and includes fiction, non-fiction and reference literature. A media center is equipped with tablets for reading and research. The quiet space is open during lunch and after school; classes use the library throughout the day.  The library was renovated during the 2016-2017 school year.

PreK and Kindergarten classrooms are located in adjacent spaces with a shared hallway space. All classrooms are air conditioned.