Happy Thanksgiving from St. Patrick Catholic Academy

We would like to wish each and every one of our families, and all of the St. Patrick’s community, a happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving!

From the faculty and staff of St. Patrick Catholic Academy

The life of a school is full of milestones…

The life of a school is full of milestones, turning points, and defining moments that shape the very character and essence of its mission. We at St. Patrick Catholic Academy believe that education is spiritual and intellectual. We believe that a dedicated partnership of family and school nurtures children to become ethical, educated adults who make a difference.

Every morning, we gather together as a community to begin the school day in prayer and song. As I stand on the stage and look out, I feel blessed to see the faces of our children and the pure faith and love of God reflected in their eyes. And, everyday as I visit classrooms I see students engaged, learning and finding those remarkable “a-ha” moments when learning takes root.

As you know, each year St. Patrick Catholic Academy relies upon the generosity of our parents, friends, alumni, Board and teachers to support our mission by making a gift to the Annual Fund. This charitable giving directly benefits each St. Patrick student by supporting our operating budget.

As you think about charitable causes during the season of giving, I ask that you consider joining others by making St. Patrick’s and our students a charitable priority. Your generosity—in whatever amount, big or small—remains a vote of confidence in our efforts to give the very best in Catholic education to our students. If you have already made a gift to the Annual Fund, thank you again for your generosity and participation!

I’m pleased to announce that we will be hosting an Ice Cream Social for the class that has the highest participation in giving to the Annual Fund!  The Ice Cream Social is a first for St. Patrick’s!  So far, 7th Grade leads the pack in participation. We expect the competition to heat up and we’ll be posting updates on the lobby display. Please note that if you have children in more than one grade, your family’s gift will be counted as participation in each child’s grade total. Gifts can be made by credit card online or by check to the school office.

On behalf of our dedicated teachers and staff, and the students we serve, I thank you for your generosity and continued support.

Have a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving.

Warm regards,

Kathleen Curatolo, Principal

November 2017

HW GRADE 1 11/15/2017

  1. Spelling:  Write words 8-10 three times each.  One sentence. 
  2. Math: pages 189-190.

Cereal Drive ends Friday!

Grade 1 –11/14/2017

  • Spelling:  write words 4-7 three times each. One sentence.
  • Math: pages 183-184  Test Tuesday.

  • Coat of arms due tomorrow
  • Cereal Drive has begun!  Please bring in boxes for the food pantry.
  • Book Order due tomorrow.

Grade 1- 11/13/2017

Spelling words:

  1. do 2.   have 3.  show      4.   me     5.  a     6 .   how      7.   king    8.  long    9.   candle   10.   cattle

Write words 1-3  three times each.    One sentence.

Math:  177-178  Test Tuesday  11/21/2017

Scholastic Book Order:   Due Wednesday 11/15/2017!  Online Code NH636

Cereal Drive has begun!  Please send in a few boxes this week.


Grade 1– 11/8/2017

Spelling: Write words 7-10 three times each.  

Family Coat of Arms Project: 

Have your family work together to create a coat of arms.

  1. Write your family’s last name in the top section
  2. Draw a family portrait in  another section.
  3. Draw or glue a picture of a favorite family food.
  4. Draw or glue a picture of a favorite family pastime. 

***  Due on Wednesday 11/15/2017. Be creative! You may cut the shield out and paste onto cardboard or construction paper. 

Thank you for your help!


Grade 1 Monday 11/6/2017

  1. Math: pages 164-167.
  2. Phonics: pages 43-44.
  3. Spelling:  Write the pattern words 1-3 three times each.


  1. bath  2. path   3.  fifth  4.  sixth  5.  tenth   6.  crunch  7.  chick  8.  this   9.  much   10.  pitch

11/2/2017 Grade 1 HW

  1. Math- pages 159 -160.
  2. Spelling: Write three questions that you would like to ask one of your friends. Be sure to start with a capital letter and end with a question mark.  

Thank you to all families for making our Saints Parade so special!!

Grade 1 11/1/2017

  1. Math pages 153-154.
  2. Writing/Spelling:  Write three questions using “Wh” words about any animal or insect.  (Who, What, When, Where, Why, or Which ) Be sure to start each question with a capital letter and end with a question mark.  Children may draw and label a picture of their animal or insect.

All Saints Parade tomorrow with the 8th grade around 1:00.  Wear school uniforms.