Enrichment – 7th & 8th Grades

After working on several STEM projects, such as the EggDrop and the Recycle Challenge the students will now work with some of the younger students in the school and serve as energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to help several lower-grade students. They will develop and maintain relationships with these students, serve as resources and positive role models. In turn, they will be developing good interpersonal and communications skills, and enhancing their leadership potential.

Enrichment – 6th Grade

The students are working on their second 1000 piece puzzle. From the first puzzle, made by english mapmaker John Spilsbury (around 1760) to modern times, puzzles are both educational and fun. Below is a list of some of the attributes of working on puzzles:

• Problem-solving strategies
• Project management skills
• Self-management skills
• Visual skills
• Cognitive skills
• Character development skills and traits
• Tactile skills
• Social skills
• Collaborative skills

What’s not to love about the challenge of a good puzzle!

Enrichment Grades 4 and 5

The students are working on Visual Thinking. The ability to visualize objects or situations is an important asset in learning. Being able to visualize alternative techniques for arriving at solutions is paramount to solving problems. Each activity takes 3 to 15 minutes to complete. Thus far, they are enjoying the challenge .

The phototropism projects are “growing” as expected.

Living Environment

Students are working on a laboratory activity – Diffusion Through a Membrane. They will build a model cell using an artificial membrane. They will also prepare a wet-mount slide and make observations of biological processes; such as predicting what would happen if cells are placed in solutions having different concentrations. 

Parent-Student Handbook Now Available Online

The St. Patrick Catholic Academy 2018 Parent-Student Handbook is now available here on our website. Please visit the Forms, Flyers & Documents Page (located under the “Parents” tab) or download the attachment below to access the handbook. 

SPCA Parent-Student Handbook 2018

Enrichment Activity

If you are looking for something “educational” to do this weekend, why not visit the BRICK SHOW. 
Here are some skills that working with Legos help to develop :
  1. Think in three dimensions
  2. Improves literacy as students work with instructions
  3. Develops problem-solving, organization, and planning by construction
  4. Improves creativity
  5. Enhances communication and critical thinking
  6. Motor Development
  7. Lateral thinking