ART WEEK 4/6/2020

Welcome to the Art Room

Week 4/6/2020

ART lesson below is for ALL Grades



Let’s Try this!

We will take a break from our Art History and Technique Lessons

and trade them in this week for something a little extra creative and FUN.

The younger students may need assistance with the scissors or they may be able to tear paper.

The older students may want to customize and cut more intricate designs! 

(Take your time.  A new project will be posted on 4/20/2020.)

Read all information and instructions below before you begin.


How to make a Collagraph
A Collagraph is a form of printmaking from plates made from materials which can be
cut and glued together.

Collagraph refers to a combination of relief and print made on any flat
surface using different textures.

Any type of cardboard or card stock (Cereal boxes, pasta boxes, construction paper)



crayons (old crayons without paper label work best)

Copy paper or loose leaf


Use cardboard boxes to create a collagraph.

Cut shapes and paste together.

Allow glue to dry before you rub your print. 

*Place paper ON TOP of cardboard.

Use crayons to make “prints” of your collagraph!

Step 1: make your “plate”

Cut cardboard or layer paper shapes to make a design/ scene of your choice

Printmaking with Cardboard - ARTBARPrintmaking with Cardboard - ARTBAR


Supremely Creative Cardboard Relief Portrait: DIY Visual Art Craft ...

4th grade Collagraph printmaking | Collagraph printmaking, Art ...

Think about the following :

[Portrait/faces : family, characters, robots, aliens, pirates]
[Landscapes/places: under the sea, night/day, city skyline]
[Holidays: easter eggs, american flag]
[ART History : Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Greek architecture ]

Step 2: Rub your print with  crayons

Place paper on TOP of cardboard 

use side of crayon to do “rubbing”

Terra Centre Kindergarten (@TCKindergarten) | Twitter

Watch this 5 minute video below to help you!
Art with Trista
Recycled cardboard collagraph

Art With Trista - Recycled Cardboard Collograph - YouTube

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Reminder from Mrs. Geraci 4/2/2020

Welcome to the Art Room

HI Students and Parents:

The ART lesson for next week 


some type of cardboard or card stock or thicker heavy weight paper (construction paper)

SO hold onto those cereal boxes or pasta boxes ! 

More instructions to follow! 

Have a nice Weekend! 

Mrs. Geraci

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ART Week 3/30-4/3

Welcome to the Art Room


week 3/30 -4/3

Please click on the link below for a message from Mrs. Geraci:


N/Pre-K/ K / Gr.1/ Gr.2

Alma Thomas 

Alma Thomas | Alma thomas, Colorful art, Art

Alma Woodsey-Thomas, folk artist | Painting art lesson, Homeschool ...

Alma Thomas

Culture Talk: Ian Berry on New Alma Thomas Exhibition Catalog, an ...


  • Painter and Art Educator known for colorful and abstract paintings
  • Born in Georgia but lived and worked in Washington, DC
  • She attended Howard University and Columbia 
  • She taught at Shaw Junior high for several decades
  • First African -American woman to have a solo art show in 1972 in NYC
  • Her artwork used brushstrokes and color fields to represent her vision. She looked to nature such as trees, flowers and gardens (and sometimes outer space)as subjects for her work.
  • She loved the works of Matisse and liked to use pure color.
  • (continued) see below

Be Like Alma! Alma Woodsey Thomas | National Museum of Women in the Arts

Think about nature [sun, sky, weather, flowers, mountains]

Pioneering Painter Alma Thomas Is Making a Comeback 30 Years after ...


Use whatever you have : copy paper, loose leaf, construction paper, markers, crayons, scrap paper, magazines, etc. [your work can be cut and paste, or simply a drawing design with crayons or markers] 


First grade painting in the style of Alma Thomas | Elementary art ...

Alma Thomas African American Artist - Lessons - Tes Teach


Color –  What color combinations would you like to use?

LINE – Will your work be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or circular?

Patterns – How Will you repeat colors and lines within your artwork ?                                    

Fun video to watch for ideas and technique:


Grades 3/4/5


Tibetan Buddhist Om, Om Mani Padme Hum and Ashtamangala Mandala ...What is a Tibetan Buddhist Mandala? - Myths And Mountains

Radial (circular) Design

Radial Design.


Radial balance Second Grade iPad Radial Design - Mrs. Jackson's Art Roomis any type of balance based on a circle with its design extending from center.

Mandala means circle.

-mandalas can often be found in Buddist temples on floor tiles, windows and tapestries

-in Buddism and Hinduism the mandala represents great symbolism and meanings 

TRY IT ! Create a Mandala design of your own!

Think about shapes, repeated patterns and format!

Remember – radial (not linear) balance follows a circle shape!


You may use whatever supplies you may have [copy paper, loose leaf, ballpoint pen, markers, pencils, etc]

You may need a ruler and a paper plate may be helpful.

***You may design directly onto a PAPER PLATE if you wish!!!***

   -Create a Mandala design using radial (circular) balance

Easy Mandalas | Mandala, Mandala art, Art for kidsColor Wheel Template Printable | Color wheel worksheet, Color ...Mandala Indian inspired round geometric pattern Vector Image


Grade 6

Renaissance Art


Michelangelo Buonarrotti


-Italian sculptor, painter, architect during the High Renaissance period.

-most notable works : David, The Pieta, Sistine Chapel ceiling, The Last Judgement


Who Painted the Sistine Chapel?

Sistine Chapel

-famous for frescoes painted by Michelangelo, begun in 1508

-a fresco is technique of painting on wet plaster

-depicted below is a detail of the Creation of Adam (book of Genesis)

-note the hands of God and Adam 

TRY your best TO SKETCH hands in this position 

20 “Secrets” of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo: Hands of God and Adam, Detail from The ...


Creatio Adami - The Creation Of Adam, Fragment - A Section Of ...


Grade 7


Concealer Basics: The Color Wheel – BeautyBar

-Artists have used color to convey emotions and mood in their paintings for years

-artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh,and Edvard  Munch are among the most notable.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

-painted so many works in the early 20th century using particularly COOL COLOR

tones that it was referred to as the Blue Period (see below)

[The Blue Period is a term used to define the works produced by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso

between 1901 and 1904 when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue]

Public Art in Chicago: AIC: The Old Guitarist [By Pablo Picasso]Pablo Picasso Blue PeriodThe Emotional Turmoil behind Picasso's Blue Period - Artsy

Think COOL COLORSCool ColorsThe Psychology of Cool Colors | Jason Walcott Fine Art

Draw an outline of any musical instrument 

create a fragmented composition to give you multiple sections to fill with COOL color scheme

(guitar is a reference/homage  to Picasso’s painting, Old Man with Guitar)

NGD: Picasso's Blue Guitar - The Acoustic Guitar Forum | Picasso ...




Pop Art: 8 artists every designer should know | Creative Bloq




  • born in Pennsylvania
  • he was an artistic child who loved the works of Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney
  • attended School of Visual Arts in NYC and was influenced greatly by Andy Warhol
  • in the 1980s his time was spent with fellow artists such as Basquiat and Scharf in NYC 
  • Haring often created works in the NYC subway system
  • he was interested in making public works with social message
  • (commenting on poignant and timely issues such as drug abuse, apartheid, epidemics, capitalism)

Widewalls' Artist of the Week – Keith Haring | Widewalls

Retrospect by Keith Haring | Guy Hepner



-be mindful of design and clean lines 

-you may include more than one figure on the page

(??????think about a pop culture message/ reference  that can accompany your figures)

How to draw a keith haring figureKeith Haring Dancers, black line art: Home & Kitchen

KEITH HARING DRAWING: DANCING MEN | Dancing men, Keith haring ...


Keith Haring: The Political Line | FAMSF

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ART lessons WEEK 3/23-3/27

Welcome to the Art Room

Art Lessons for Week 3/23-3/27


N / Pre K/ K / Gr.1/Gr.2


Image result for self portrait frida kahlo parrot

Image result for self portrait frida kahlo parrot

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo 


-Frida was born in Mexico

-She became one of the most famous artists of the 20th century

-She painted several self-portraits

-She loved animals and had many pets- a cat, a parrot and some monkeys!

Be like Frida! Draw a self-portrait and include your pet or your favorite animal in the picture!


Grade 3,4,5


Leonardo da Vinci


-Leonardo was an Italian painter, sculptor, inventor, engineer and architect during the Renaissance period.

-Leonardo’s paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are the most famous and recognizable images in the world.

-Perspective is among the many techniques he used in his work.

-Focus on the use of perspective in The Last Supper painting and notice how the room appears to surround the figures at the table.

Image result for the last supper grid perspective for beginners

Image result for the last supper grid perspective for beginners

Image result for grid perspective for beginners

Image result for drawing in perspective for beginners

DRAW an interior scene in perspective.

You may need a ruler. Try your best.

You may or may not choose to include figures in your drawing.


Grade 6



-Renaissance painters such as DaVinci, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Michelangelo have included images of Angels in their artworks.

-Angels have been depicted in artworks for centuries

Image result for annunciation fra angelico

Image result for annunciation botticelli uffizi

Image result for Sistine Madonna







Image result for guardian angel angel drawings easy Image result for angel drawing easy for kidsImage result for cherub angel

Sketch an image of an Angel that recalls some of the characteristics and style of Renaissance artworks.



Color Theory

-Focus on the COLOR WHEEL

-Recall the Color categories studied in class – 

Image result for color theory worksheet

DESIGN a paper with four sections and fill with a different Color Theory color category in each section. Fold paper, add design. For example :1. Primary Colors, 2. Secondary Colors, 3. Warm colors, 4. Cool colors

Image result for color theory drawings






-Pop Art artists include Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein


Image result for pop art worksheetImage result for pop art worksheet


Image result for pop art artists

DRAW A WORD in POP ART style lettering.

Image result for pop art worksheet


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ART Lessons

Welcome to the ART ROOM

ART lessons will be posted before every MONDAY.

Please scroll down to see the ART lessons, ideas and suggestions for your grade.

Please use whatever materials you may have at home.

Copy paper, loose leaf, pencils, crayons are just fine.

Please write your name and grade on the back of any drawings you may complete.

Drawings will be collected and added to ART folders when we  return to school.

Be safe and be creative!


Mrs. Geraci




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March 17, 2020



Check out what we have been looking at and discussing in the Art Room this month …

Scroll down for more ART ideas and suggestions…


Leonardo Da Vinci – Mona Lisa , Last Supper

Frida Kahlo – Self-Portrait


Color Wheel 


St. Patrick

  1. Research and google paintings that represent the image of Saint Patrick – or any saint : What do you notice about these depictions? Do you notice any repeated or recurring symbols in the paintings?



  1. Draw a rainbow
  2. Practice drawing Shamrocks: first draw a heart shape in center of page, then draw another heart sideways on each side pointed toward the middle, draw stem and use different shades of green to fill shape.
  3. Fold a sheet of paper into thirds vertically, then in half to create six boxes. Draw and color in each box using the six colors of the rainbow.
  4. Write your name in block letters or draw a large shamrock outline. Use markers to fill shape with stripes of rainbow colors
  5. Visit websites for a holiday family draw along –


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