Welcome to ART Week 9/28/2020

Welcome to ART Class 2020 

St. Patrick Catholic Academy

Mrs. Geraci

9/28/2020- 9/30/2020

Grades N-K

Grades 1-4


File:Colorwheel.png - Wikimedia Commons



Primary Colors - The Color Wheel

437 Color Wheel Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock

Free Wheel Design Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library



Color wheel, a color palette generator | Palette









Pin by alex s on Juicy Orange | Orange aesthetic, Orange wallpaper, Orange fabric



Elements And Principles Of Art - Lessons - Tes Teach


Autumn Leaves Fluttering in the Breeze | Smithsonian American Art Museum


“Autumn Leaves Fluttering in the Breeze “, 1973     

by Alma Thomas (1891-1978)

  • She was an African -American Expressionist painter and art educator
  • lived and worked in Washington DC

Support Blackstraction on Instagram: “Artist: Alma Thomas Bio: Alma Woodsey Thomas (September 22, 1891 – February 24, 1978) w… | Alma thomas, Female artists, Artist



  • How many shades of ORANGE do you notice in this painting?
  • Does this look like a typical landscape painting?
  • Does this painting convey motion and unity? 


Create a page in your ART Journal/ Sketchbook

Draw Leaves or Pumpkins

& Use Shades of Orange


How to draw Autumn or Fall Leaves Real Easy - YouTube

Download Hand Drawn Autumn Leaves Collection for free | Leaf drawing, How to draw hands, Fall leaves drawing

How to Draw a Pumpkin - Easy Peasy and FunHow to Draw an Easy Pumpkin · Art Projects for Kids



How to Draw an Easy Pumpkin · Art Projects for KidsHow to Draw a Colorful Big Pumpkin Step by Step for Kids - Cute Easy Drawings



Grades 5-8




Frida Kahlo And The Symbolism In Her Art - DailyArtMagazine.com - Art History Stories8 Subjects Who Starred in Art History's Most Famous Portraits

The 10 greatest works of art ever | Art and design | The GuardianSelf Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh


Portrait of Madame Matisse Painting by Henri MatissePicasso, Portrait of Gertrude Stein (article) | Khan Academy



TRY Drawing Egg or Oval Shapes


Oval Head Shape - 2yamaha.com


PORTRAIT DRAWINGS step by step instructions

Art with Ms. Ortiz - Home


The Best Men's Hairstyles For Your Face Shape - The Trend Spotter

Step-by-step Tutorial for drawing a face | Menlo Park Art


Drawing with pianotm: 3/4 angle face :: rpgmaker.net


Artist Shares Drawing Tips in Educational Step-by-Step Tutorials

Choosing The Best Haircut To Fit Your Face | Fine Men's Salon Carmel


How to draw hair: female | ShareNoesis


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St. Pat’s Petite Painters (Spring Makeup Sessions) Begins 9/28/20


16,000 Painter Artist Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock

Petite Free Free Painting Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart LibraryPainters

Session Begins MONDAY 9/28/2020

***ONLY for those students who registered in Spring 2020****

On Mondays 9/28 , 10/5, 10/19, 10/26

3pm- 5pm 

In Auditorium 


DISMISSAL at 5pm by 97th Street door

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Welcome to ART Week 9/21/2020

Welcome to ART Class 2020

St. Patrick Catholic Academy

Mrs. Geraci

9/21/2020- 9/23/2020

Grades N-K

Grades 1-4


Corrective concealers : Color Theory and Usage – PLANET BEAUTiES

Opposites attract? (or not) | Wenberg Color Design

ᐈ Color wheels stock pictures, Royalty Free color wheel images | download on Depositphotos®


Shades of red - Wikipedia

22 Attractive Red Monochromatic Color Palettes » Blog » SchemeColor.com


The Dessert: Harmony in Red, 1908 by Henri Matisse

Harmony in Red, 1908 

by Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

-French painter and artist

-Founder of FAUVE movement

-Famous and prolific artist known for use of COLOR



  • Name or List things you can see or observe in this painting
  • How many shades of RED do you notice?
  • Do you like the colors Matisse used in this painting?


See Also : 

L'Atelier Rouge, 1911 by Henri Matisse

The Red Studio, 1911

Henri Matisse


  • Think about things / objects that are RED…
  • How would you use the color RED in your sketches/artwork?
  • How does this color make you feel ?


Create a page in your Art journal /sketchbook

and try to incorporate the color RED as best you can!


Grades 5-8


Art Movements - Artists, Styles, Techniques, Ideas


Types of Paintings


History – Religious / Mythological



Still Life


What does your favorite artistic movement say about you? - Musart

Evolution of ART video







  • Define or recognize the categories of different types of paintings.
  • Do you have a preference for a certain type of painting?


  • Create a page in your Art journal /sketchbookand try to draw one of the types from the list above as best you can!


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Welcome to ART Week 9/14/2020

Welcome to Art Class 2020

St. Patrick Catholic Academy

Mrs. Geraci

9/14/2020- 9/16/2020


Colored Hands In A Circle Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 29854834.

The Benefits of Using an Art Room Mantra - The Art of Education University

Grades N-K 

Grades 1-4


Kids in Art Class Clip Art - Kids in Art Class Image | Kids clipart, Free clip art, Clip art

I am an Artist !

Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images



Cassie Stephens: Behind My Mask: A Super Kid Self-Portrait!



Ministry of Stories (@Mini_Stories) | Twitter


Grades 5-8

Welcome to ART CLASS 2020

I am an artist' Metal Poster - Sylwia Borkowska | Displate

  • Artist Journals
  • Recap Spring Art Assignments
  • Artwork Display 

Illustrate ONE of the following ARTIST quotes:

“Every Child is an Artist” – Picasso

“You can never do too much drawing” – Tintoretto

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” – Van Gogh

“Creativity takes courage. ” – Matisse

“Everything you can imagine is real.” -Picasso

“An Artist is an explorer.” – Matisse

“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. ” -Da Vinci




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School Art Room Clipart #1 | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images


Students, Parents, & Friends,

It’s Mrs. Geraci


girl #emoji #emojisticker #emojiiphone #girlemoji - Woman Tipping ...

May I ask that each student [Nursery-Grade 8]

Please bring ONE Notebook for ART CLASS this year?

I am planning on incorporating an ART JOURNAL/SKETCHBOOK routine in ART Class this year.

Your notebook can be large or small, marble or spiral, ruled (with lines) or non -ruled pages.

Please have your Notebook/ Sketchbook in school with you by September 14th. 


See you in September!


Discovery School Cliparts Png - Art Teacher Clip Art, Transparent ...




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ART Week 6/8/2020

ART WEEK 6/8/2020

This week I would like to share a painting with you by the artist Norman Rockwell.

Please read and see below:


Norman Rockwell (1894-1978)

-born in New York

-Norman Rockwell was an American painter and illustrator

-His works were known for their reflection of American culture

-Rockwell is most famous for illustrations of everyday life

This painting is titled Golden Rule.

This painting includes portraits of men, women, and children of different races, religions, and ethnicity.

Rockwell's "Golden Rule" - Norman Rockwell Museum - The Home for ...

Norman Rockwell Golden Rule, 1961

The Golden Rule: 

“Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Jesus told us to “Love one Another”

We are all God’s children.


Thank you for looking at this painting by Norman Rockwell.


*This is not a required assignment, but…


of hands and hearts to visually represent

the ideas of  “Love one another” and The Golden Rule

Please look below for ideas :

Draw Two Hands and One Heart · Art Projects for Kids


diversity art lesson

People Archives - Art For Kids Hub

ᐈ Hands holding stock pictures, Royalty Free hands holding heart ...

This video link might be helpful to you:

How to draw heart hands

LOVE One Another John 13 34 Painting by Eloise Schneider Mote

Considering The Golden Rule - Change Your Mind Change Your Life ...




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ART Week 6/1/2020

ART Week 6/1/2020

Let the Sunshine In! 

Thinking about the bright, sun-soaked days of Summer?

Check out the artwork of Peter Max…

SUNSHINE" - Peter Max - Size: 4" x 6" Art / Postcard | eBay

Peter Max | Peter max art, Peter max, Psychedelic poster

Peter Max: Master of the Kitsch | Peter max art, Peter max

Peter Max on Art, Life and 'Good Gesheft' - Baltimore Jewish Times

Peter Max

(b. 1937)

-born in Germany

-settles in NYC

-artist, painter, graphic designer

-became very popular in the 1960s 

-works within the POP Art and Psychedelic Art movements

-interests include comic book art, outer space and the environment

-designer of several famous album covers, book covers, and advertisement posters

-vivid use of COLOR is integral and important element in his work

-artworks with bright colors and blended values are often recognized as the Peter Max “style” 

-often signs artwork with large MAX signature

Peter Max's Signature


Below is a suggestion for ALL GRADES




that includes a Large Ray of SUNSHINE !

STEP 1 : Use pencils , rulers to draw an outline of shapes and lines 

(circles, diagonal lines, wavy lines)

STEP 2 : Use crayons or colored pencils

to add a variety of COLORS to the scene!

712 Best Peter Max images | Peter max art, Psychedelic art, Pop artBluebonkers : Summer Coloring Sheets - Summer Sun - Lake, Clouds ...


Beach Vacation Coloring Page - Sun And Waves Outline , Transparent ...Sun Coloring Page Sun Color Page Sun Coloring Pages Free Printable ...


Sun and Waves Coloring Page (With images) | Cool coloring pages ...Grades 5 8 Warm Cool Sun Waves - Lessons - Tes Teach




Dear Students,

Thank you to all the students and families for sharing photos and emails

of all the beautiful artwork you have created during this time.

If you have NOT sent an email yet:

Please send an email to me with an attached file photo of any artwork

that you may have completed since March. 

I will add participation points for the upcoming Report Card.  

[Please scroll back for previous posts here on ART page to see prior suggested projects.]

My email is jgeraci@stpatrickca.org

Thank you!

Mrs. Geraci






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ART Week 5/25/2020

ART Week 5/25/2020

Jasper Johns (b.1930)

American artist

Known for his depictions of the American Flag in his artwork.

Jasper Johns | Three Flags | Whitney Museum of American Art

Three Flags is a 1958 painting by American artist Jasper Johns.

Jasper Johns. Flag. 1954-55 (dated on reverse 1954) | MoMA The incredible story behind Flag by Jasper Johns | Art | Agenda ...

July 4th: The histories of all 27 U.S. flags for Independence Day

In Honor of Memorial Day (5/25) and Flag Day (6/14)

Let’s look at the design and significance of our nation’s flag.


-There are 50 stars and 13 stripes (7 red, 6 white).

-Flag Day is June 14th.

-Betsy Ross was the seamstress who fashioned and helped design the first flag of the United States in 1776.

-Nicknames for the flag include the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and the Star-Spangled Banner.

-When the American flag is flown at night, it must be illuminated.

LET’S Draw the U.S.A. Flag!

U.S. Flag Code | Military.com

Find your pencils! 

Find your red and blue crayons!

Scroll down for samples and videos.

N, Pre-K, Kindergarten 

Grades 1-3

American+flag+kid Stock Illustrations, Images & Vectors | Shutterstock


Patriotic Crafts for Kids– The Flag Shirt

Free American Flag Printable, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

Kindergarten Stars | Kindergarten art lessons, Kindergarten art ...drawing star (With images) | Drawing stars, Easy drawings sketches ...


1st Grade Flags | American flag art, Flag art, Flag drawing
20+ New For Flag Drawing For Kids


Grades 4-8

Try to Draw a Waving Flag

How to Draw the American Flag - Really Easy Drawing TutoriaHow to draw The American Flag (With images) | American flag art ...

How To Draw The American Flag - Art For Kids Hub - (With images ...


July 4th Archives - Art For Kids Hub

The following videos may help you:

Flag colors


How to Draw a wavy flag


How to Draw a STAR




Waving Flag


3D flag



Amazon.com: Waving American Flag Car Magnet Decal - 4 x 6 Heavy ...


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