A Brand New Issue of Our School Newspaper!

Hot of the presses! A brand new issue of our  school newspaper The Saint Pat’s Post: the Green & Gold News is here!

January/February 2018


All future and prior issues of the paper can be found on the St. Pat’s Post’s mainpage at stpatrickca.org/newspaper 


Guild Moderator: 6th Grade and Middle School ELA teacher, Mr. Brendan Moloney’09

Editor in Chief: Ava Canade

Assistant Editor: Adriana Al-Ola

Newspaper Guild Staff:

  • Joseph Geraci        
  • Grace Gillespie
  • Sebastiana Ombrellino
  • Justin Polito
  • Aiden Echavarria
  • Daniel Edwards
  • Jack McMahon
  • James Fitzpatrick
  • Rheya Alexander
  • Sadani Michel
  • Sam Shahem
  • Ave Bowes
  • Victoria Palumbo
  • Sean Aronsen
  • Joseph Ilgin
  • Julia Miranda
  • Ewa Pekala
  • Tamaz Gogoladze
  • Michael Zloklilovits
  • Michael Barba

HAA Open Meeting

On Wednesday, January 24, the Home Academy Association will hold an Open Meeting to discuss the upcoming Night Out With Friends. The meeting will take place at 6PM in the Library. 

St. Pat’s Night at Arirang!


Join St. Patrick Catholic Academy at Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse (8814 4th Avenue) on Tuesday, January 30 for Dinner or Take Out from 4:30PM to 10PM.

For every dollar you spend at Arirang, 15% will be donated back to St. Patrick Catholic Academy!

Print out this flyer and bring the flyer with you and present it to your server. Please call ahead for Advanced Priority Seating.

Arirang is located at 8814 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209. Their phone number is 718-238-9880.

Bishop Kearney Marching Band and Chorus Visit St. Patrick’s

On Friday, December 1st during our First Friday Assembly, St. Patrick Catholic Academy received a visit from the marching band and chorus of Bishop Kearney High School who delivered a special performance. This event continues the long standing and storied tradition of music in the halls of St. Patrick’s!

The Kearney students, led by their band director Ms. Anastasia Rege, who also accompanied them on piano, performed a selection of classic songs like “New York, New York” and modern hits such as “Halo” by Beyoncé. They also led our students in a sing-a-long of holiday favorite “Jingle Bell Rock,” complete with jingle bells and tambourines. The Kearney band has previously served as the musical contingent for the Mayor at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City. 

It was also a special homecoming for St. Patrick Catholic Academy alumnae Amelia O’Connor ’17, a member of the chorus who got her start as a member of our Academy Drama Club, who gave a stand-out performance in last year’s production of Shrek the Musical, Jr. (Read all about it here when it was featured in the Home Reporter!)


First Ever St. Patrick’s Graduate to Attend Stuyvesant Visits His Alma Mater

Hadi Moukdad ’17 recently stopped by his alma mater, St. Patrick Catholic Academy, to visit his former teachers and our Middle School classes, while imparting some of the knowledge he has gained since starting Stuyvesant High School this Fall. 

Hadi is the first ever graduate from St. Patrick Catholic Academy to attend the prestigious High School, and stressed to our students the importance of being prepared for the various tests one must take for admission to Specialized High Schools, such as Stuyvesant, as well as Catholic High Schools. Hadi has excelled in his classes, and runs track as well, and he tried to instill some confidence into our Eighth Graders that they will make the transition to High School just fine. 

Congrats Class of 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! Next fall they will be attending Stuyvesant, St. Joseph Hill, Xaverian, Xavier, Fort Hamilton, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, and the United Nations International School among others.

Class Valedictorian Mary Gogoladze gave this heartfelt speech during the Class of 2017’s graduation ceremony on June 16:

“When I was three-years-old, I went with my brother to Georgia in Eastern Europe where we lived for two years. My parents were students during this time and my family in Georgia took care of us to help. By the time I turned five-years-old, I was back in New York and it was time for me to start Kindergarten.

Since I was in Georgia for so long, I had forgotten English, so it was hard to find a school that I liked. My mother was about to give up and just have me start school in first grade, but then my dad mentioned St. Patrick’s.

I reluctantly went and expected the same things that happened at all the other schools: kids I didn’t know would talk to me in a language I didn’t understand. When I arrived for my visit at St. Patrick, it was snack time, but I didn’t have any food. I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Then, a boy came up to me and gave me a green apple. So, I stayed, ate the apple, and asked my mother to bring me back the next day. Later I learned that the boys name was Stephen, and so hes technically why and how my journey at St. Patrick started.

My nine years at St. Patrick were filled with the love and care of all of my teachers. I want to say a special thanks to Mrs. McGivney, who when I was in fifth grade, gave me the confidence, self-esteem, and a love of reading that I will always appreciate.

Around the end of fifth grade, I started reading books about middle school life. All of them had the same idea: that middle school was a place where cliques form, teachers are mean, and you’re sad because you weren’t as popular or as smart as you wanted to be. I can tell the younger kids here that Mrs. Gammone, Mrs. Shapiro, and Mrs. Keenan proved that middle school is nothing like that, and for the most part, its a very nice place to be.

My story at St. Patrick’s is a clear example of what Catholic education and inclusiveness is about. I would like to thank all the people who made it possible for me: Mrs. D’Emic, Ms. Curatolo, and Msgr. Hardiman.

Finally, one of the biggest things St. Patrick gave to me and my friends is hope. Hope that the Earth is a great place to live in and to explore your potential. Hope that no matter how unknown, difficult, and complicated life can be, there will always be a stranger with a kind heart and a green apple (or the equivalent of a green apple) to help you and make life easier. Thank you very much.”

Mary will be attending the United Nations International School in the fall.


Alumni Reunion 2017

A little (well… actually a downpour of) rain didn’t stop St. Pat’s alumni from turning out for the Alumni Reunion on June 17, 2017. The gathering of graduates from the 1950’s-2010 shared memories, reconnected with classmates and celebrated the unique spirit of St. Pat’s. More photos will follow!

Alumni Reunion Photos