Our Philosophy

St. Patrick Catholic Academy believes that children learn best when the intellectual and the spiritual are engaged. Our curriculum is built around the development of the intellectual and social needs of children. It is designed to foster critical thinking and informed decision-making, sharpen research skills and engender collaboration.

Our classrooms are abuzz with students working collaboratively on projects or solving problems. Social studies, science and math are hands-on and challenging. Language arts foster a love of reading and writing, the cornerstones of learning. Creative expression is explored through singing and visual and performing arts. Technology is integrated throughout. Leadership and community service are encouraged.

New Initiatives, 2017-2018

– Choice of Spanish, Italian, Latin or Arabic as world language using Rosetta Stone                                                                                                                                                                                                              – A Community Service program in Grades 6-8.
– Introduction of an iPad/tablet program
– Regents course offering: Algebra, Living Environment and Earth Science
Stages on the Sound arts residency program: Grade 4: Filmmaking; Grade 6-Playwriting; Grade 8-Shakespeare                                                                                                                                   -LabLearner Program: an in-school STEM laboratory for physical, earth and life science experimental activities for PreK through Grade 8 students. The 1st floor science room was converted into the LabLearner space during the summer months.  A grant of $85,000 from the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust funded the five station LabLearner labs’ furniture and equipment; installation, curriculum and student workbooks, and professional development for teachers.


NYS 2015-2016 Test Scores:

English Language Arts L3 + L4 – Grade 4:  61%     Grade 6: 71%     Grade 8: 30%

Mathematics L3 + L4 –  Grade 4: 57%     Grade 6: 54%     Grade 8: 80%