Welcome to St Patrick Catholic Academy

St. Patrick Catholic Academy, established in 2013, is located within the grounds of St. Patrick Church, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. We build upon the 150 year history of St. Patrick Parish Elementary School in continuing to provide an exemplary Catholic education for our students. The Faculty of St. Patrick Catholic Academy honors the legacy of the Sisters of St. Dominic, who ministered to the children of St. Patrick School for over a hundred years, by continuing their charism of truth, prayer, study, common life, mission and praise.

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At St. Patrick Catholic Academy, a school of excellence in the Dominican tradition, we encourage our students to look to the saints as heroes.  One definition of a saint is an ordinary person who did ordinary things in an extraordinary way.  What better example for children to emulate!

The Sisters of St. Dominic ministered to the students of St. Patrick’s for over one hundred years.  Our lay faculty carries on their charism of truth, prayer, study, common life, mission and praise. This year the Dominican Sisters are celebrating their 800th Anniversary as a religious community.

Each year the students in each class select among Dominican saints, the following class patron saints to be their spiritual guide throughout the academic year:

Nursery                     St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Pre-K                          St. Hyacinth of Poland

Kindergarten           St. Vincent Ferrer

First Grade               St. Catherine of Sienna

Second Grade         St. Raymond of Penyefort

Third Grade             St. Louis Bertrand

Fourth Grade          St. Agnes of Montepulciano

Fifth Grade               St. Thomas Aquinas

Sixth Grade              St. Rose of Lima

Seventh Grade        St. Martin de Porres

Eighth Grade           St. Albertus Magnus

At St. Patrick Catholic Academy, we encourage our students to, like their patron saints, be ordinary people who do ordinary things in an extraordinary way!