Welcome to St Patrick Catholic Academy

St. Patrick Catholic Academy, established in 2013, is located within the grounds of St. Patrick Church, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. We build upon the 150 year history of St. Patrick Parish Elementary School in continuing to provide an exemplary Catholic education for our students. The Faculty of St. Patrick Catholic Academy honors the legacy of the Sisters of St. Dominic, who ministered to the children of St. Patrick School for over a hundred years, by continuing their charism of truth, prayer, study, common life, mission and praise.

Latest News

It’s easy during the icy chill of January and February to forget the feeling of warmth of the Christmas Season and to store away, with the ornaments and lights, the messages of peace, hope and caring. This is why the winter season is the perfect time to celebrate our Catholic Schools and Academies as communities of faith, knowledge, and service.

We, at St. Patrick Catholic Academy, provide our students with the best in academic programs; however, the most important and meaningful work that we do is to provide our students with the opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally, so that they may become adults who will make a difference in the world of the future.

At St. Patrick Catholic Academy, the messages of peace and caring are not taken out for show once a year and then stored away: they are lived each day!