Welcome to St Patrick Catholic Academy

St. Patrick Catholic Academy, established in 2013, is located within the grounds of St. Patrick Church, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. We build upon the 150 year history of St. Patrick Parish Elementary School in continuing to provide an exemplary Catholic education for our students. The Faculty of St. Patrick Catholic Academy honors the legacy of the Sisters of St. Dominic, who ministered to the children of St. Patrick School for over a hundred years, by continuing their charism of truth, prayer, study, common life, mission and praise.

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One definition of community is “a sharing in common.” As we at St. Patrick Catholic Academy prepare to once again celebrate Catholic Schools Week, it is fitting to reflect upon the talents and gifts that the members of our faculty and staff share each day to the benefit of our children’s spiritual, cultural, social, emotional and academic development. This sharing creates not a school but a community.

Mrs. Gina Keenan shares her patience and expertise in guiding Eighth Graders as they prepare for the academic demands of high school and the emotional experience of graduation.

Mrs. Rosanna Shapiro shares her mathematical and thinking skills that enable her Junior High students to compete in the complex world of the future

Mrs. Dolores Gammone shares her knowledge of geographical places and historical events to motivate her Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Graders to understand the problems of the world of today and explore solutions for the future

Mrs. Patricia McGivney shares her teaching and parenting experiences to prepare her Fifth Graders to meet the academic and emotional challenges of Junior High years

Miss Andrea Nordbo shares her youthful enthusiasm and eagerness to guide her Fourth Graders to higher levels of thinking skills

Miss Erin Watters shares her artistic creativity and joy to establish a classroom atmosphere for her Third Graders that promotes a love of learning

Miss Kimberly Rutherford shares her deep faith as she prepares her Second Graders to receive First Holy Communion

Miss Susan Michlik shares her well-planned teaching methods and models to open the world of literacy and STEM learning experiences to her students

Miss Tara Toye and Miss Meghan Fitzgerald share their understanding of childhood development to prepare their Kindergarten students to succeed in the primary grades and beyond.

Mrs. Janine Ricciardi and Mrs. Bozenna Drozdz share their kindness and caring to inspire their Pre-K students to love the experience of coming to school each day.

Mrs. Lauren Olsen, Mrs. Karen Lally and Mrs. Patricia Edne share their patience and love to make three year olds feel safe and secure as they begin their school experience in Nursery

Mrs. Jocine Geraci shares her creative talent and ability to guide and motivate her students to experience the joy of expressing themselves through Art.

Mrs. Phylis Biondo shares her technological skills and love of reading to prepare her students to live and work in the world of the future.

Mrs. Kathleen Arroyo shares her scientific knowledge to promote thinking skills that allow her students to explore the mysteries of the world around them.

Mrs. Claudia Nigro shares her athletic abilities to ensure a healthy future for her students.

Ms. Yohaira Mercado shares her knowledge of Spanish language and culture to prepare her students to live in a global society

Mr. Brian Worsdale, Miss Lavinia Pavlish, Mr. Christopher Vath, Ms. Sarah Koenig-Plonskia share their extraordinary musical ability to encourage their students to praise God and delight others through song and performance

Mrs. Denise LaManna shares her organizational skills to solve everyone’s problems and keeps everyone happy each day.

St. Patrick Catholic Academy is a community of administration, faculty, parents, and students sharing in common each day their love of God, concern for each other, and charity for others. This is what makes St. Patrick Catholic Academy, Catholic. This is why we celebrate Catholic Schools Week each year.