Welcome to St Patrick Catholic Academy

St. Patrick Catholic Academy, established in 2013, is located within the grounds of St. Patrick Church, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. We build upon the 150 year history of St. Patrick Parish Elementary School in continuing to provide an exemplary Catholic education for our students. The Faculty of St. Patrick Catholic Academy honors the legacy of the Sisters of St. Dominic, who ministered to the children of St. Patrick School for over a hundred years, by continuing their charism of truth, prayer, study, common life, mission and praise.

Latest News

March is a very special month at St. Patrick Catholic Academy because March 17th is the feast of our Patron, St. Patrick. The story of the life of St. Patrick is one of faith and service to others. When Patrick was 16, he was taken as a captive to what is now Ireland where he labored as a shepherd.  After six years of captivity, Patrick returned to his homeland.  In a dream, he heard God calling him to return to Ireland to teach and convert its people to Christianity.  Patrick studied for the priesthood.  He returned to Ireland, not as a captive, but as a missionary Bishop of the Church.  Patrick faced many obstacles to his work, but with faith, intelligence and perseverance, he succeeded in his mission.

Each day, the faculty and students of St. Patrick Catholic Academy follow the example of our Patron. We dedicate ourselves to live lives of faith.  We dedicate ourselves to persevere to achieve our goals. We dedicate ourselves to be individuals who make a difference in the lives of others.